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  GoalArt offers unique methods for describing process knowledge and using it in automated diagnosis. GoalArt's methods provides situational knowledge for the operators. In this way, a GoalArt system provides a unique degree of safety for a system. This is why 'Knowledge for Safe Operation' is our motto. Click to go to the GoalArt home page.
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Can you improve your plant operation and safety by using a GoalArt system? Could you benefit from on-board fault diagnosis in your product and save on service trips? A feasibility study will find the answer to such questions.

A feasibility study contains the start of a modeling project. If the study continues with a full project, no effort has been wasted.

A feasibility is essentially the first part of a modeling project. It usually consists of the following steps:
  • Finding documentation such as blueprints, process diagrams, and lists of sensors and alarms.
  • Selecting a small subsystem and building an MFM or SBAP model for it.
  • Testing in GoalArt's building tools.
  • Evaluation and report.
The result is a report describing the current alarm and diagnostic problems, and an evaluation of how GoalArt could improve the situation.

It is also possible for GoalArt to build a small demo application based on the feasibility study, and to run the example model on real data for better test results. This is usually called a pilot project.

A demo application is often useful to demonstrate the potential success of the solution.

Since the feasibility study is the first part of a modeling project, no time or money are wasted if the study continues into a modeling project.

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