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  GoalArt offers unique methods for describing process knowledge and using it in automated diagnosis. GoalArt's methods provides situational knowledge for the operators. In this way, a GoalArt system provides a unique degree of safety for a system. This is why 'Knowledge for Safe Operation' is our motto. Click to go to the GoalArt home page.
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With GoalArt's technology, the Harrisburg incident would not have happened.

It is an ordinary day in the control room. Suddenly the room is full of blinking alarms and noisy beeps. During the next two hours there are more than 800 000 alarms. The personnel is unable to figure out what is wrong. Finally they find the fault. A valve has stuck open, while its indication says closed. A press on a button and the valve is closed, 30 minutes before a serious accident. The year is 1979, the place Harrisburg.

Condensation in a flow meter caused an automatic emergency shutdown. Cooling lead to a pressure increase, and a release valve automatically opened to let out steam. After a few seconds it should have closed again, but this time it got stuck. A lamp in the control room indicated that the valve was closed, but in reality, it was still open. When the steam continued to leak out, there was a large number of consequential faults, which caused an alarm cascade in the control room.

GoalArt's algorithm sensor fault detection, would have pointed out that the valve indication was wrong. Alarm analysis, would have told that the open valve was the cause of all other alarms. The operators could have closed the valve immediately, instead of searching for hours. It would have been trivial to handle the incident situation.

GoalArt can solve the alarm problems of nuclear power plants, by reducing the number of false alarms, suppressing alarm irrelevant to the current operating state, and by finding the root cause of complex fault situations. In this way, the number of unnecessary shut-downs may be reduced and productivity increased.

Original, complex, and unexpected fault situations, so-called once-in-a-lifetime events are reduced to trivial situations that can be easily handled when they occur.

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