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  GoalArt offers unique methods for describing process knowledge and using it in automated diagnosis. GoalArt's methods provides situational knowledge for the operators. In this way, a GoalArt system provides a unique degree of safety for a system. This is why 'Knowledge for Safe Operation' is our motto. Click to go to the GoalArt home page.
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GoalArt's technology can help operators to avoid major blackouts.

It is an ordinary day in the control room for the power grid. Suddenly, a few alarm indications start dropping in. Obviously, there is some problem large enough that the grid equipment is starting to respond by automatic trips. A few minutes later, there are several hundred alarms coming in. It is impossible to understand what is happening, and three minutes later, there is a state-wide blackout, costing several hundred million dollars.

Large blackouts are usually preceded by a short time period when the problems build up. This can last from a minute to several hours. Because of the large number of alarms, so-called alarm cascades, it is impossible to analyse the situation and find the root cause or causes.

GoalArt's alarm analysis can analyse an alarm cascade and present the root causes in the speed of several 1000 alarms per second. This means that a GoalArt system could help the grid operators to understand the fault situation during the build-up period, and perform remedial actions, instead of waiting blindly for the blackout.

A GoalArt system will increase grid availability. Major outages can be avoided altogether or the consequences and restoration time minimized. A system will be paid for after the first avoided blackout.

GoalArt can read the physical topology of the grid from existing databases, and generate the MFM model automatically. There is zero modeling effort. Just plug in the system and start using it. The system can read databases in all formats, for example, CIM, Oracle, and text-based formats.

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